Helina Hukkataival (FI)

Be Well (Waldkunstpfad)

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Power Plants Kraftwerke (Schader Galerie)


Helinä Hukkataival (b. 1941) graduated as visual arts teacher in 1966 and began exhibiting alongside her teaching work in 1969. From 1990 she began to focus on performance art, and later expanded her repertoire to cover photography and video art as well. Helinä

Hukkataival received the Finnish State Award for Visual Arts in 2004. Hukkataival appears herself in the live performances and performances for camera and spotlights often the ideal of lifelong toil that is ingrained in women. Yet the works also capture beautiful and humorous views. Hukkataival's performances are minimalist works, like ritual dances that involve the artist, her works, different time layers, city dwellers and viewers