Nina Bendzko (DE)

in Kollaboration mit Álvaro Rodriguez Badel (CO) 4 (Waldkunstpfad)

bendzko 4 goenner 8301421 web
bendzko 4 goenner 8301418 web

Yo Soy Tu Pasado / Ich bin deine Vergangenheit, Kapitel I (Schader Galerie)

bendzko yo soy tu pasado goenner 012286 web
bendzko yo soy tu pasado goenner 012288 web


Nina Bendzko has worked in different international contexts for more than 15 years, creating cultural projects such as film and photo productions, or visual arts and performance. She has won investigative fellowships and film funds in Germany as well as in Colombia. The connection between art and nature, how people inhabit them, have been a subject to her creations since the beginnings. Her artwork has been shown in galleries, festivals and cinema in different parts of the world. Recently, she created the multidisciplinary art and science project Reforestando el Arte in celebration of A.v.Humboldt with different Colombian collaborators.