Sally Kidall (AU)

Lest We Forget: precious vestige II

kidall lest we forget precious vestige ii goenner 9011506 web
kidall lest we forget precious vestige ii goenner 9252193 web


Kidall travels internationally creating her vast site-responsive interventions within challenging locations and buildings of interest, showing beyond the restraints of the gallery. She explores metaphorical spaces and environments that engage with the anxieties and insecurities of our contemporary society. She endeavour to inspire and challenge a wider audience, evoking thoughts/questions and stimulating discussion. The majority of her works are temporary and built out in both natural and urban environments, or in buildings of interest incorporating virtual and narrative elements with video and sound. Kidall's background is in sculpture receiving an MA at Portsmouth Uni, UK, and has shown in many interesting location during her career exhibiting through out the UK & Australia, Senegal, Italy, India, Spain, USA, Ukraine, South Korea, France, New Zealand, Netherlands, Andorra.