Valerie Wolf Gang (SI)

SKINging: The Anthropomorphization of the Topography of the World (Schader Galerie)

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Valerie Wolf Gang (Slovenia, 1990) is an multimedia artist, transdisciplinary art researcher, and mentor. She explores the relationship between humans and technology, participates in international research organizations, and exhibits her work internationally (including Weltmuseum, Vienna; Institute of Contemporary Art, Singapore; Contemporary Art Centre, Portugal; Expo Garden, Beijing; Qubit, New York). She is the recipient of numerous prestigious scholarships and awards (Ivana Kobilca Award for current production, national Vesna Award for best film, Fulbright Award, International Brain-Computer Interface Art Award, The Future of Innovation Award) and the founder of UV Arthouse, which produces experimental films, video installations and examines the extent of the emerging technology. In addition, she lectures on contemporary artistic practices and film; she is a doctoral candidate at the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts, an expert associate at the Institute of Fine Arts in Vienna, and a guest researcher at the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (departments of Interactive Machine Learning, Intelligent User Interfaces, Multimodal Interaction) and is active as a jury member in international film and new media festivals where she is also a frequent guest at global conferences on digital media at the intersection of science and art.